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Church Yard Signs

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ILMC Believe Love Serve
ILMC Believe Love Serve
18" x 24" Yard Sign
ILMC Believe Love Serve
ILMC Believe Love Serve
36" x 23.5" Yard Sign

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Church Yard Signs

Eye-catching and easy to use, Church Yard Signs are a great way to promote your church services, welcome church visitors and share important reminders. Our inexpensive outdoor yard signs are perfect for welcoming new members or keeping the neighbors informed on upcoming community events in our neighborhood near you! Yard signs are available in both packs of 5 with standard, stock messages or single yard signs customized with your church or event information - no minimums required.

5 Ways to use Yard SignsYard Signs can be used for more than political campaigns and yard sales. They have a variety of uses around your church too. Check out these ideas and then find a set of Yard Signs that work for your church. Remember many signs can be customized with your church information.

  1. Outreach Tool
    Yard Signs provide you with a visual presence to people who are walking or driving. Yard signs shouldn’t be your only method of promotion, but they do have a place in your strategies.
    Get your members involved in outreach by sending them home with yard signs to post at their homes or in their neighborhood. (Check local sign ordinances fir t!) Major annual holidays like Christmas and Easter are perfect events for this type of outreach, and if you keep the messaging simple, you can ask members to return the signs and use them again next year.
  2. Local Awareness
    Yard signs can help visitors find our church or draw the eye of passing traffic. ost signs on the street leading to your church, at entrances and along driveways. They are a great tool for a new church that is sharing a building or meeting in a school, because they can be posted and removed quickly each week.
  3. Welcoming Tool
    Use Yard Signs in your parking area to welcome and direct visitors to special parking area or to specific buildings on your campus. Yard signs can be a back up to your parking attendants and make your church seem friendlier.
  4. To Direct and Inspire
    Yard Sign usage doesn’t have to stop at the parking lot, they can also be used around your church campus in planters to direct parent’s to children’s areas and to point out the worship center. Yard Signs with Scripture can also help people prepare their hearts for worship and set an inspirational tone around your building.
  5. In The Community
    Hopefully your church has a presence away from the building too. Yard Signs are a great way to point people to your Church Picnic location, Baptism site, or water station at community events.

PLUS! Reinforce Other Messaging

Studies show that it can take up to 7 impressions before someone responds to a promotion. Yard Signs are a great second touch to reinforce your message and get your name out in the community. Pair Yard Signs with a Direct Mail Invitation or larger Outdoor Banner so people begin to recognize your church.

No matter how you choose to use a yard sign, remember that it’s best to keep the messaging simple and the letters big!

As you can see, Yard Signs are a versatile tool and Outreach offers over 60 designs for every season. Yard Signs are available in two formats: “As Seen” packs of 5 yard signs or Customized Yard Signs, with 10 sign minimums. The H-shaped ground stakes are always included!

Our Yard Signs are 100% customizable. You can choose as many colors, images or text to create the design you need.