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Stretch Table Covers

New Tables & Covers to Update Your Church

Give all the areas of your church a fresh look with new stretch table covers in a variety of sizes and shapes! These new tables and covers are a great way to update any area of your church!

These wrinkle-free stretch covers expand effortlessly and feature 4 bottom pockets that attach to table legs for a secure hold. The bright dye-sublimation printing is eye-catching and machine washable. Add a plastic bistro table or 2’ x 4’ counter-height table for a complete set up!

32" Round Cover

32” round Bistro covers - available in 10 designs only $59 each. Add the plastic bistro table and both items are just $108! New!

2' x 4' Table Cover

2’ x 4’ covers fit a counter-height table and are printed with two different words - available in 20 designs, only $69 each. Add the table and both items are just $128! New!

6' Table Cover

6’ Table covers are printed with two different words and fits any standard 6 foot table - available in 20 designs, only $79 each!

Bistro Table

Instantly create a conversation station with our 32” Round Plastic Bistro Table. Each table is 43" tall (standard bar top height), with sturdy plastic tops and foldable legs for easy storage. $49 each

2' x 4' Table

Each table is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide, and adjusts up to 36" (standard countertop height) for even more versatility. They fold down for easy storage. $59 each