As a participating Back to Church Sunday church, you will be intentionally reaching out to those who are “unchurched” or “dechurched” in your community. As part of this you will be encouraging your congregation to invite someone they know to come with them to church on September 17!

Using this Planning Calendar and the Planning Guide provided in the Church Kit, you can inspire your members to be inviters and be more effective in planning an invite-able and welcoming special service!

Five - Six Weeks Before
(July 30 - Aug 13)

  • Create a social media strategy - see the Social Media Guide that came in the Church Kit. Start by making sure your social media profile is complete, the profile picture is up to date, and that you have a good quality cover photo (this would be great area to promote your BTCS event). From there, you’ll want to post daily, engaging and shareable content. Make sure people are aware of your special BTCS events by promoting your event on social media.

Three - Four Weeks Before
(Aug 13 - 27)

  • Deadline Approaching: Be sure to order custom direct mail postcards to invite your community to your Back to Church Sunday services. View designs. (Last day to order in time for Back To Church Sunday, August 23. Call 800-991-6011 for assistance.)
  • Update your church website with Back to Church Sunday web graphics, included in your Church Kit. If you have video on your website, add a fun video like the "Churchpool Karaoke" video to your page. View All Videos
  • Equip your members with invitation tools they can use to invite friends and neighbors to the big event.

One - Two Weeks Before
(Aug 27 - Sept. 10)

The Week of the Event
(Sept 10 - 16)

  • Make sure your postcard invitations have been mailed to your community
  • Prepare your bulletins and visitors gifts
  • Give your whole church a good cleaning - concentrate on the bathrooms and children’s areas.
  • Continue praying and posting on social media - post a fun, attention-getting video like "Churchpool Karaoke" (included in the church kit) and watch it get shared!
  • Prepare invitations for your follow-up campaign and make sure you include an announcement in your service to entice visitors back on September 24.