How do I order an EDDM Mailing from Outreach?

Outreach offers EDDM service using an extra large postcard, 11" x 5.5", giving you 30% more space for your message. This x-large postcard is more likely to stand out in the mailbox and get noticed by your recipient, too. Outreach makes it easy to order and customize a postcard for EDDM - we offer more than 200 designs that you can customize to fit your church or you can provide your own professional design.

To order an Outreach postcard for EDDM, follow these steps:

It's that easy.

Interested in having Outreach do the mailing work for you? Choose EDDM+

Not only can Outreach print your postcards but we can also mail them to the carrier routes you choose. With Outreach's EDDM+ service you don't have to do the bundling, add facing slips, or deliver the cards to the post office. Yet there is still no need for you to acquire a bulk mail permit - just follow these steps: